FLPFI sees drive for revisions to standards

12th March 2019

In order to make a larger impact, the forum members were of the view that Indian Standard, IS 3034:1993 ‘Code of Practice for Fire Safety of Industrial Buildings: Electrical Generating and Distribution Stations’ should be taken up for revision.

As part of the revision, content from a white paper - ‘Loss Prevention in Thermal Power Plants’ – recently published by the Fire Loss Prevention Forum of India, is to be incorporated. Further the Bureau of Indian Standards will be requested to take up revision of IS 3034.

A not-for-profit organisation, the Fire Loss Prevention Forum of India has been formed to provide a knowledge sharing platform to discuss and promote robust loss prevention practices and solutions against fire and explosions.

The Fire Loss Prevention Forum of India, who also launched its new website at the event - – aims to help drive regulatory change and promote best practice. The new website will form a key part of this, providing quick access to state regulations, publishing news and stories related to fire incidents happening around the globe, but more importantly in India, and the best ways and means to avoid such incidents by using properly designed, approved and maintained fire protection systems.

Fire protection of warehouses and hospitals will be the focus for the Forum for the year 2019.