• Charter


Establishing a Fire Loss Prevention Forum of India


The mission of the proposed Fire Loss Prevention Forum of India would be to provide a knowledge sharing platform to discuss and promote robust loss prevention practices and solutions against fire and explosions. This “build to last” philosophy focuses on loss prevention standards and loss prevention technologies that support facilities resilience in India.


Create a knowledge exchange and development platform to:

i) Identify gaps in standards addressing potential losses from perils such as fire and explosions.

ii) Foster discussions with authorities having jurisdiction (AHJs) on fie loss prevention processes
and activities across all industries.

iii) Encourage collaboration and information sharing on research and development around fire loss prevention issues, and discuss avenues for practical implementation of loss prevention and safety practices.

iv) Support fire loss prevention education, awareness, training, and information sharing at a national level.


Membership would be by invitation and would be extended to senior executives representing fire services, regulators, loss prevention exerts and academicians from institutes. Invitations would be extended by the executive secretary of the Fire Loss Prevention Forum of India and membership would not be transferable.

Individual membership on the Fire Loss Prevention Forum would be for a maximum of two
consecutive four-year terms.

A Member’s Role

Being a member of the Fire Loss Prevention Forum would provide an opportunity to collaborate, seek guidance, and exchange ideas with peers in the same and other industries.

Members are expected to have an interest and expertise in the area of fire loss prevention and built environment technologies and would be willing to contribute to this knowledge sharing platform.

Members would also be invited to:

1. Submit written inquiries concerning technical areas of interest or concern consistent with the role of the forum and request the development of position papers.

2. Make presentations in areas of interest or concern to forum members and their industry.

3. Work within the Fire Loss Prevention Forum board on critical technical issues of mutual national benefit.


Travel and meeting expenses covered include, transportation (including airfare and to and from the airport), and all organized activities during the meeting including lodging and meals.

Loss Prevention Forum members would not receive compensation for their time.

Operating Procedures

There would be at least one in-person meeting of the Loss Prevention Forum each year. The location and agenda for meetings will be established based on input from the membership and industry and in-country issues at large.

Meetings would be conducted by the Loss Prevention Forum Executive Secretary.

Members would be given notice of the time and place at least 120 days in advance of a meeting and every effort would be made to accommodate the members’ schedules and travel needs.

Discussions would be recorded via the meeting minutes and would be made available to all members via email.


Committees may be established, from time to time, from among the forum’s membership to address peril-specific concerns. Reports on the activities and findings of the committees would be made available to the forum members.