FLPFI’S New Report Provides Insight Into Data Centre Fire Prevention

23rd November 2022

Commenting on the release of the briefing document, Srikanth Yajjala of the FLPFI said: “Fires have become a significant threat to the operability of data centres, interrupting operations and impacting the reliability of data. This can lead to loss of reputation, revenue and market share. This new briefing document considers the challenges of this backbone of modern technology and provides recommendations for data centre operators and their critical systems and equipment.”

The FLPFI briefing document includes an account of the increasing numbers of data centres across India and the rest of world. It also considers the significant amount of infrastructure the data centres require, their increasing power requirements and the important role of cooling systems in their operations.

Recent data centre fires, the fire-related hazards and the use of combustibles are also put under scrutiny within the document. It also considers fire safety legislation and codes of practice.

Srikanth Yajjala of FLPFI added: “This briefing document provides some enlightening facts whilst raising some incredibly important questions regarding data centre fire safety. We hope that the industry sector and key stakeholders will find the information useful as a whole and will benefit from the expert insights provided.”

To download a copy of the of FLPFI White Paper review click here